Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Printing Now Complete

The Emancipation of Astronomy for the Common Man
Everyone can understand cosmology &
astronomy now. This book makes it easy!

has now been printed and is ready for sale. - (Click picture for larger image). - This first, collectible edition of only 250 copies has been published by myself which will pay for a second commercial printing of 1,000 (or more, looking exactly the same), each time ramping up the count. - This book has been at least five years in the making. - I folded this first edition, stapled and cut it to size myself (I am a professional desktop publisher/ typographer, writer, editor, bindery specialist & unpaid professional astronomer/ cosmologist). - It measures 6"x9" and is 44 pages in length at $30.00 USD each. - They will all be signed and sent directly to your address after receipt of payment with free shipping in the united States (via USPS book rate). For non-USPS carriers & International shipping is additional. - This first edition is likely to run out quickly, but you will be put on the list for the next 1,000 printed soon after.
     Leave a comment to this posting with your contact information or e-mail me at - Or you can click on the PayPal button on my main website to purchase/order it ( - Don't hesitate to send an e-mail if you have any questions or difficulties in getting it ordered. - Check back for any late-breaking post-publication news. - Thanks.

-RK, 8:41pm, 2/6/2014

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