Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I know what went wrong…

     So, what did we do so wrong? - Or did we/they?

Adam could tell us, be he’s not talking…, not today.
Dear Eve wanted what was good, but she didn’t realize.
Today we know but, way past…, it’s long too late,
far late to stop Lucifer’s deception Eve didn’t see.

Adam watched, knowing what he wanted in what waited,
what awaited his first bite, his moment of choosing,
choosing what he thought would be better than he had,
but was not…, though it’s not true he didn’t know.

Ah yes, he knew before Eve did, of lesser godhood,+
nothing as he thought it would turn out to be,
which could never have been, but he still knew unto
second sin of disobedience and loss of dominion.

Lucifer, the first sinner, delusional in desire of worship
and adoration beyond our Creator’s throne, and all others,
lifted himself up, though not beyond knees required.
In narcissism, he vaunted himself arrogantly against all,

all others, including our Creator, as a pot against its
potter Who could reduce him to powder, but would
not restart creation…, which He had already begun.
So Luc(ifer) in the Sky, with Diamonds, condemned himself.+

And today…, today, we know the truth of it.+
So we must understand its meaning in all this,
all this which was meant to be against us,+ all of us,
who inherited the law of sin and death from Adam+, always,

always working against us…, but for faith, deep,
which frees us in our knowledge of sin’s power,
in that faith is substance and evidence,+
substance of things hoped for, evidence, yes,

evidence of things not yet seen, unto fulfillment,
final fulfillment of our long hope unto eternity,
because we’ve always known our souls were not enough,
and couldn't be…, for our spirits each need birthing,+

unto each our final germination unto all things within,
yes, for all things beyond simple existence here,
here in this cesspool of Lucifer’s progeny of envy,
for he, hating our Creator’s sovereignty and throne who,

having been created himself…, could never have. - So we, then,
exalted above angels, will return adoration unto our Creator into eternity.

--RK, 10:18pmEDST, 8/17/2015
     “I know something about love.”+

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