Friday, August 29, 2014


     [Inspired by Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty+]

I had to write about it eventually, even though,
though it could as well have been all ‘forgotten.’
It may as well be now, but you’re not going to get it.
I knew this before it ever all got started, long back…

Long back now, I had all the help I wanted, but…
not in my darkest+ battles ‘where’ they couldn’t be.
Not their fault, it was beyond their ken, unknowable.
So, one-on-one or more it was, until truth finally outed.

Today they still don’t know why or how they lost, but…
they keep their far distance now, no matter their numbers.
Without mom’s deep young nuture I’d’ve lost before it began.
My beginning in still of matrix none of them will ever understand.

Today, in stillness I keep vigil for their ‘top guns’ in flesh,
wannabes who don’t know history their ‘adoption’ll never tell.
They want to see whether he has some edge they could use,
but there are no edges here, not here, not here deep within,

here’ within, far beyond every infinity, unto boundlessness itself…

--RK, 8:20pmEDST, 8/29/2014
     [This 'story-poem' waited deep in the oven while many others cooked.]

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