Monday, August 11, 2014

Deep Cry, Here

     Inspired by Pink Floyd’s, “Hey You”+

Touch me now, with caress…, tears gently streaming,
because you understand, even though you didn’t want to.
I understand, but without you here, I just couldn’t,
I just couldn’t help anyone lost deep in the dark
I left far, far behind so very, very long ago now.

Touch me here, gently with caress, cheeks wet.
I can’t help it, I need you so, so much, but…
help me, touch me here, not there, here.
Hang your head for me, make me know you care.
Darkness looms close, but here is closer.

Can you help me…, Can you help me…?+

--RK, 1:11amEDST, 8/11/2014

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