Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keeping up with Gaga

       [Inspired by Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night +]

A hole in my rug, intimate of dark close…
I married the night, alone in darkness…
so quiet, so quiet in its black velvet silk,
its reminders, its pain, its desperation…, Shhh…

I married the night, alone in its velvet soft,
utter quiet, in deep, silent silk of the dark…
Its soothe, close, comforting, precious, touching, touching…
my eyes with no light, illuminated of all things deep,

as my own shores within see brilliant eternal sands close,
…aglow, far beyond any pale of shadow in nothing before…
that I’ve known long beyond time. - Oneness mine now,
forever left far, far behind, nothing its neighbor,

and all before me, finally remembered in high exultation,
without dark’s sombrero in fire’s final nothing, gone…+

--RK, 2:18am, 4/9/2014

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