Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mourning of pulsars

Languid play of light slowed as molasses…
Can you hear it? - Each pulsar a different note,
with sweet one+ weaving their music as one,
pulsars’ note of mourning clear now, near time’s end.

Across universe infinite, light’s languid play slows,
music of spheres knowing not its pacing, playing on,
perforce of gravity making sure nothing else changes,
while Yuki plays notes against time, light notwithstanding…

celebrating gravity perforce of now, always,
not anywhen, Yuki alongside its bowshock.
Listen closely, very closely, and you’ll hear it,
celebration as I’ve not heard in such mourning…

Imagine octaves beyond experience, notes the same…,
not quite a wailing, a keening for promised newness,
celebration this time of light undelayed, perforce
shouldered as mantle of exaltation, ever tearless. - *selah*

--RK, 2:25am, 4/26/2014
     Thank you dear Yuki+… - (palms together) - *bows*
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