Friday, October 5, 2007


…been down that garden path (now enfolded)
that you still enthrall, in withheld wonder.
…understood those depths and greater
that would drown one in anguish, or deepest epiphany;

and you hold back, fearing what should be loved.
No, not that, this, that you know, already clear.
Unfamiliar, you shy, when it could be yours,
exulting, without anguish, in great revelation.

Piano of Evanescence plays, in great persuasion,
and you look out of the glass onion, not into,
to greater, without, from even greater within
that you don’t want to lose, of deepest meaning…

…sought for longer than you’re able to remember,
while odd-numbered, palmated leaves entrance…

…you in their garden, a zombie.

--RK, 10/4/07
   [Check out Amy Lee’s lyrics here: +]

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