Saturday, October 6, 2007

Closing rank

Perhaps you know already of the sorrow,
unshared so long, sent on webbed wings
as bread upon waters, with little return.
I didn't want to hurt, but to break hearts,

that joy may be seen beyond the veil
few this life will look unto.
Hoping you'll see the desolation & turn
away toward the broken heart you need to

break yours in the best way, making sure
your joy'll never be lost in this life's dead end.
Close ranks, heart to heart, joy sharing joy,
sorrow sharing sorrow, tears gathered of Heaven.

Found greatest joy, and deepest sorrows,
learned to walk razor's edge between, overcoming
with faith sure enough to be carried unto
third Heaven, next on to new Universe . . .

. . . by arms of Whom sorrows knew best.


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