Saturday, September 8, 2007

Snoopy to the rescue

I want her close enough to kiss,
close enough to hold, close enough to caress,
close enough to softly touch her cheek,
close enough for tears to fall on her shoulder,

near enough to kiss me & lay her head on my shoulder,
near enough to hold me, near to caress me,
near to softly touch my cheek and
near enough for her tears to fall on my shoulder,

closer than across the Caribbean pond
she said would be a short swim.
Told her I'd be waiting with beach towel
and, though still in hope for my dearest friend,

. . . I walk away now from breakers on quartz,
dragging her towel behind me like sad Linus.
Charlie Brown shouts from the shore, "Good grief!,"
and Snoopy trots along to the rescue to pick up the other end.

            Thanks guys. - *smile*


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