Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the run up . . .

to rapture, things're too quiet,
more clamor+ than ever,
the world much ado about nothing.
Heaven's clarion call unheeded,

they fall, unburied, a thousand years+
passing in oblivion, awaiting destruction,
when the Universe's most beautiful one+
leads them to take the untakable city.+

Sodom and Gomorrha remembered then,
final rain of brimstone, laying waste
to those who will never see new life+
on new Earth with new heavens above.+,+

No telling them, they won't believe,+,+
preferring a fanciverse and no Creator,+
when all nature knows Him well,+
which they destroyed as a canker worm+

. . . when they pretended to care,+
with intentionally late Kyoto Protocol+ to CYA.


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