Saturday, December 5, 2015

I started young…

     You’ve got to “give me somethin’ more than sad my eyes.

…with the profound. - Nothing of it anywhere in the world, only
inside myself…, deep within. - I didn’t have to fight as you do.
I didn’t have to fight to go within…, deep, not there…, close.
I knew the voice inside shouting for “somethin’ more.”

“Give me somethin’ worth a sacrifice,” your flesh says.
You and your silence in face of yourself is deafening.
Without hard keening for truth it can never be reached.
That’s what Cristina Scabbia sings about…, truth.

I’ve peeked into conversations you have with you.
I sacrificed this mindless world, without argument.
But “give me somethin’ more than shut my eyes.”
Tell it to yourself, understand and listen because…,

…unless you do, you only close eyes within,
the only “place” anyone ever can find truth,
no-“where” else it exists…, and never did.
Otherwise only your “Dark Adrenaline” calls.

“I’m not alone in this divide,” flesh from spirit.
“(Your) silence is cursing (you) one more time.”
I crossed the line a long time ago, completely willing,
knowing “where” I was going, high…, deep within,

beyond, far beyond the beyond…, knowing there was more,
something far more than perception, flesh, soul or myself.
Answer your voice, find inner vision in keen of seeking,
looking to find nothing less than the truth…, all else

worth nothing, absolutely nothing. — Notice one thing,
that the dark-haired woman in the chair is you,
also the woman in black over you, also dark-haired.
Come out of your waking dream, grab hold of truth, or

you never will. - “Give me somethin’ more than shut (your) eyes.” - •selah•

--RK, 11:25pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 12/4/2015
     “It starts inside,” so “give me somethin’ more…”+

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