Friday, December 25, 2015

A different war…

     “It does matter…, it does matter.”+

…the kind where you know the enemy…, but can’t see him.
We know his name, his family, his demeanor…, his purpose.
A civil war…, another civil war, brother against brother.
No purpose…, just a vie for power, control & supremacy.

Will you survive the barrage, the incoming, the hate?
I hope you do…, because that’s all your enemy has.
You have so much more…, so step up and conquer.
Vanquish them as you gain strength for its end.

Step forward, stand down, you’ve won, they’re no more.
Yes, it’s quiet now. - Take a deep breath…, a long sigh.
The real war’s not over…, this time it’s inside,
The Devil’s Lake+ you need to cross…, fearless.

You won’t find a boatman, but get to the other side.
There is your destination, long sought, now so near.
That’s it, relax…, sigh again…, a long sweet one,
your harbor now so close. - Step over the bough…,

…the shoreline is yours, long sought, now home.
Your war’s over, finally, your hearth’s threshold.
Sit down, take your shoes off…, warm your feet.
Lay your head back for another long deep sigh…,

…finally home. - •selah•

--RK, 12:15amEST (UT/GMT -5), 12/25/2015
     Ya’ gotta’ make up your mind…+

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