Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Poker Face

     Inspired by Lady Gaga, 'nuff said

Long practiced, they see nothing of me, unknowing.
As hard as I've tried, it's not my poker face.
So, awonder, I don't understand from here.
Nothing I can do, I've tried it all, every tack.

Still, I'm invisible, indivisible, indistinguishable,
undistinguished from their dark corners,
bright places they've never seen of life within,
the only place of life's light, unseen of them.

Their poker faces harder than carborundum,
'promise' of graphene hard aheel, tracing,
tracing cut lines across my countenance unseen,
never to be seen, though I've tried all my life

watching multitudes stumble around in steel of dark.

--RK, 10:37pm, 12/11/2013

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