Saturday, July 28, 2007

Such love, and blind anger

She still appears in my dreams, tall,
lovely long neck, slim, lithe beauty,
same one who decided to run
her car over me, missing, so angry

at our Creator Who'd provided all things.
One (Two-and-a-half) and another waiting
in the womb, still unseen, also angry.
Finally came to get her things, while

Two-and-a-half, as I had taught him, cupped
handful of small rocks/sand, letting sand slip
through fingers with rocks to toss left, and right.
Doing the same, he came to me, taking his time,

but he dropped the rocks, reached up
and hugged me tight, with calm, sweet spirit.
Twice more the same, sedately, in no hurry,
saying he loved me and good bye, without words.

She had offered him to me before, without siblings;
I wanted them together & she took them away, bitter.
I needed her heart to break, for the wrongness.
24 now, 2-1/2 can't remember, but made sure I would.

surfaced by Brandy's sweet countenance @ WaffleHouse

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